Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Well Dang it

I had an entry up last night and blogger ate it! I'm sure of it. Eaten like cheese on a cracker! But I WILL be back Ms Blogger! You are not the boss of me! You will not win. Oh, I've heard stories about what you've done to posts. Long posts. Posts where people have poured their little hearts out for hours going on and on, looking for the right words, spell-checking, sometimes twice, just to be sure it's all in order before posting.

Uh huh, I've heard about you before from friends, I thought maybe it was just nasty rumors but now I know your vengeance, now I see for myself what you can do, but I warn you: Not here Ms Blogger! Not on my watch baby! Vengeance will be MINE. I will in the future write my posts in Word! Yes, I said it. Read my lips, W O R D. As in Microsoft Word.

Have you heard about it? Making copies? Having a BACK-UP!! So you're done here. You might was well move right along because there's nothing for you here. Read this carefully because after this any post I have will be copied, over and over and if you eat them up I'll just throw up another one. I will win. You can move on now and rock someone else's world. Buh Bye.


  • YEAH!!! Right on, Sista!! In yer face Blogger dot com!

    By Blogger Dale, At 6:54 PM  

  • Very quick tip - If you type your posts in word, it'll possibly add in some horrible MS code that'll mess up your posts. Try notepad. It's quick, easy, saves as a text file (smaller file size), and is in ascii format. Alternatively, you could ask someone for space on their server, and not use blogger at all!!! (I'd be happy to oblige!)

    By Blogger moggiemomma, At 8:58 PM  

  • I write long posts in wordperfect and save, then post. Short posts, I play russian roulette that they will not disappear. Be safe!

    By Blogger emily, At 7:50 AM  

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