Thursday, January 19, 2006

And, more cancer....

Here is a picture of my mom taken this past November, 2005.

My mother has had three surgeries in the past week. After each surgery the biopsy has come back positive and they schedule yet another surgery. The wound on her cheek keeps getting larger and larger and she gets (understandably) more and more depressed.

Today she had a third surgery and once again we wait for results.

Waiting for the biopsies to come back is of course almost unbearable. In the meantime any good thoughts, positive vibes and/or prayers you could send our way would be very much appreciated.

Friday, January 13, 2006


My dad died less than a year ago from cancer. My mother now has melanoma on her cheek. They went in this past Tuesday, removed tissue but it wasn't enough so now they will go back into surgery tomorrow and hopefully get the rest. She has a hole the size of a silver dollar on her face which the Dr. left open just in case they had to go back in and now he has to go deeper. While obviously cosmetic results are not our primary focus it's hard to not think about it at all and it's depressing. My mother is very attractive and has always taken great care in her looks and health.

My aunt's breast cancer has returned. She had chemo last year following a lumpectomy. But, this tumor is growing rapidly. She's been through chemo which didn't help so they will try radiation this time.

My uncle had both prostate cancer and melanoma earlier this year.

My grandmother is out of the hospital but has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I'm devastated at the results.

I can't believe this has all happened in less than 12 months. A perfectly happy family, well, at least seemingly perfectly happy, well, at least a family talented enough to act like we were perfectly happy, is now following apart. We've rarely had health issues in the past and now we're getting slammed.